At Trojan Cars we strive to keep prices as low as possible for our customers. The new consumer credit act has made this difficult as we sell many trade cars under £1000 which unfortunately we cannot warranty. To keep these very popular P/X trade cars available to the public we have to clarify that these cars are sold without warranties and customers need to be made fully aware of what they are purchasing. When purchasing these vehicles we must now ask you to sign to confirm that you are aware that these vehicles are sold as ‘spares or repairs’ and no warranty is given or implied. If you decide to use the car for any other purpose than ‘spares or repairs’ then it is done at your own risk.

Please find detailed warranty details below:

Cars purchased under £1000

All cars under £1000 are sold on a ‘trade’ basis as this is the only way we can sell them so cheap. This means that cars under this price are sold as seen and no warranty is given or implied. We don’t carry out a pre-delivery inspection on these vehicles and you are advised to carry out your own inspection before purchasing.

When you purchase a car under £1000 you will be asked to sign to say you understand these terms.

Cars purchased priced from £1000-£1500

These cars are sold with a one month engine and gearbox warranty. They will receive a basic lights and levels check. The usual warranty stipulations apply to this warranty detailed in the 3 month/3000 mile warranty terms below.

Cars purchased over £1500

All cars purchased that cost £1500 or more come with a 3 month/3000 mile warranty. The 3 month/3000 mile parts and labour warranty covers mechanical breakdown of major components up to the cost of £300 per claim.

Parts covered

All mechanical and electrical parts are covered against mechanical breakdown on the vehicle as long as they are factory fitted parts. Cylinder blocks, gearboxes and rear axles will be covered provided they have been damaged by a mechanical breakdown of one of the parts covered. Timing belts will only be covered if there is proof that the manufacturer’s replacement recommendations have been complied with and they are free from oil contamination.

Parts not covered

Any damage caused though lack of coolant or oil

All bodywork components including: handles and hinges, bright-work, interior and exterior trim, paintwork, glass (including heated screen and elements), rubber seals, metal, fibreglass, plastic or carbon fibre panels or components, spoilers and valences, sun-roof panels, seats, carpets, seat belts, wiper arms and blades, wheels and tyres, wheel alignment/balancing, central locking, electric windows
Brake discs, brake pads, brake linings/shoes

Burnt out clutch, or where the condition is due to wear and tear

All service parts and other parts that are subject to routine maintenance or periodic repair including but not limited to plugs, points, condensers, distributor caps, rotor arms, HT leads, filters etc.

Supplies such as oils, filters, brake fluid, ATM fluid, anti-freeze etc.; unless they are required as a direct result of the failure of a covered part.

The clearing of fuel lines, filters, carburettors, fuel injection systems and pumps/nozzles due to contamination

All bulbs, lamps/lenses, batteries, fuses, wiring harness, wiring terminals, car telephones and satellite navigation systems, air conditioning recharging, water ingress, exhaust system, auxiliary drive belts, brackets, mountings, supports, fixings and fastening devices, fuel tanks, corrosion, rubber hoses, pipes and unions, all core plugs, air bags, decoking and failures caused by the build-up of carbon deposits (including burnt valves)

Any item or accessory not in the manufacturer’s original specifications.

The warranty will not cover:

Cars that have been modified after purchase

Cars that have been taken abroad unless they are brought back into the UK for an inspection by one of our mechanics

Any work carried out that has not been pre-authorised by ourselves

We always strive to find the best possible cars for our customers but as with anything mechanical, break-downs can happen. To avoid any unnecessary problems please ensure your car always has an adequate amount of oil and water in and if you do run in to any problems call us as soon as you can for advice and help.

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