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Trojan Cars

Francis Avenue
United Kingdom

Mercury Additional Information

Are you looking for something a bit different? Only a couple of thousand Marauder S55 coupes were made in '63 and I'm told that very few survive! The S55 Marauder was the high performance version of the 2 door Monterey coupe. Obviously it's very similar to a 63 Ford Galaxie, it comes from the same stable and shares all the running gear from that years big Fords. Lots of these cars went racing and were apparently very successful.They all had the 390 engine. Luckily with the S55 being the top of the range you get power steering and servo brakes. This example has had a lot of new parts and a brake servo upgrade. The engine has obviously been "played" with, it has twin 4 branch Hooker headers, a big Edelbrock carb and goes like stink!! The engine uses no oil, is mechanically very quiet (unlike the 113db exhaust note!!) and feels immensely strong. The car is 100% reliable, does not overheat in a traffic jam on a hot day, steers and stops straight and goes like a bomb. The exhaust note is awsome. The alloy wheels make a huge difference to the appearance of the car and in my opinion make it look like a proper street racer. There are air shocks on the rear with a single airline attachment under the right hand rear wing.Considering it's 47 years old the whole car is in remarkable condition, The car is fabulous to drive and attracts loads of attention. Believed to be the only one in the UK it's good to turn up at a show and have the only car of it's type there.

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